Monday, July 18, 2005

About this blog

Not satisfied with the comment page on navelofwine and Apikorsus Online (both aka my DW, "elf"), I started this blog back in November, 2004. I moved here in July, 2005.

In case you're curious (and you didn't already know), I've signed blog comments as "DH" or "elf's DH" since my Dear Wife (DW) starting blogging and referring to me as "DH" (for "Dear Husband") in her posts. The terms come from trashy womens' magazines. And, no, I'm not claiming to be the "Documentary Hypothesis." The origin of the name "The Apikorsus Companion" is quite obvious.

If you're reading this, it is very likely that you know who I am in the real-world. I ask you to please refrain from posting any real-world identifying information beyond what I have previously said about myself. Comments that contain real-life identifying information may be edited or deleted.

Everyone is welcome to comment in, and/or link to this blog. Unless you specify otherwise, I'll feel free to mutually add you to my friends list.


Welcome to the blogosphere (again)!
Not to be pedantic, but isn't it a bit narcissistic to refer to yourself as DH? Your DW should refer to you that way, whereas you should refer to yourself as H. :)
Well, the "D" could stand for "damned" instead of "dear" ;)

Don't read too much into it, it started as a *joke.* And the D can stand for almost anything. Heck, I could be claiming to be the documentary hypothesis, or one form of slightly radioactive hydrogen gas.
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