Sunday, July 17, 2005


This blog was started on Nov 8, 2004. Earlier posts and comments are located at the Apikorsus Companion version 1.0. Why did I move? While LiveJournal gave me a good start, I quickly outgrew the capabilities of the free accounts. Firstly, the inability to change the template was very annoying. Secondly, LiveJournal is very isolated from the rest of the blogosphere. It also tends to be approached by bloggers the way AOL is approached by everyone else on the Internet. While it has over 7 million registered users, they tend to only link to each other and be linked to through each other, and I wanted to have a wider audience. For my LJ friends, you may add this URL:
to your friends list at the bottom of the LiveJournal syndication page. Sorry, I don't have a paid/permanent account, so I can't make a new site feed via LJ.

Oh, for those of you who are scared of hot pink, the color scheme will be changing as soon as I get to it.

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