Monday, January 02, 2006

Blogger: No space left on device

DW has gotten this message:

001 No space left on deviceblog/60/62/7/apikorsus/archives/2006_01_01_apikorsus_archive.html

So have some people on BloggerForum, including more than one report from today. Blogger claims that there are no space limitations (anyway, DW is a relatively light poster), so, it's probably something screwy with their servers. As of now, Blogger status reports no outages.

Have you gotten it? If so, report the bug!

UPDATE: Proposed solutions in the comments!

THEORY: The data in the cookies were invalidated when 2005 turned into 2006. Because they're session cookies, they expire when the browser is closed. Only people who left the browser running between Dec 31 and Jan 1 and posted with the same browser instance should be experiencing the problem. Is that true? Blogger does keep a number of session cookies, but I haven't analyzed their contents.

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got the same problem - sent an email got back a prefabricated msg.
Are there any solutions yet?

I'm getting this message and I can't seem to make any changes to any of my blogs. (I have six: might that be related?)
I only get this message with Safari. With Firefox it works OK.
DW sent a message to Blogger support and got the same stupid computer message. I doubt it has anything to do with the browser. One person on BloggerForum says it works in IE, not Firefox, here we have anonymous who says it works in Firefox but not Safari.

The posts seem to publish anyway eventually (I'm not sure how!), although the error comes back if you try to edit the post.

I don't seem to have the problem myself. For now, all I can suggest is that you send reports to Blogger support if you haven't already. Maybe someone there will notice a pattern.
got the error in Mozilla. read Anonymous' message and tried it with Firefox .. and it worked! thanks. Blogger should find the problem relatively soon, i guess.
sam -- that makes it even stranger - the Mozilla suite and Firefox use the same code base.

Given that the error is server-side, I doubt the specific browser has anything to do with it. But, which browser you use does seem to matter for some people. It might be that it only matters to the extent that the browser you regularly use doesn't work because Blogger stored some data that became invalidated.

Can someone tried clearing all Blogger-originating cookies in a browser where it didn't work, and trying again?
DW doesn't have the problem anymore, so I can't test it myself. It may be fixed on Blogger's side.
001 No space left on deviceblog...

I notified blogger also.
I am still as of this moment getting this error message when trying to publish. Thank you so much for posting about this. I thought I was just me! My blog is a little large (with lots of graphics) so I thought I smoked the system! Please keep us updated on anything you find out!
Can you please try my proposed fix? If you don't want to delete cookies, and you're using Firefox, you can also start Firefox with a different (new, clean) profile. When you're done, you can delete the profile.
My publishing problems have gone now...
Started again fresh this evening when I got home from work and all is working sweet.
So maybe re-opening Firefox anew did the trick!
Thanks for the report. Come to think of it, DW's problem went away sometime after she rebooted. It may be related to invalid data in a session cookie.

That would also explain why everone who switched to another browser didn't have the problem.
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