Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wawayanda State Park

These are some pictures I took while camping with elf's family at Wawayanda State Park (northern NJ).

The toy: A Casio Exilim EX-Z120 digital camera.

WARNING: This post has a lot of images.

Image to make parents nervous:


Find the wildlife (hint: caterpillars):

Caterpillar on a rock:

Brook near the campsite:

Laurel Pond:

Laurel Pond heading into the marshes and the brook:

A bird of prey flying over Laurel Pond:

Fluid dynamics in the brook near a bridge:

A dam and the flowing water coming out of it:

Water flowing through the woods:

Find the wildlife:

Close-up (dragonfly):

Another dragonfly:

Find the wildlife:

Spider (close-up):

A butterfly:

Find the wildlife:

Close-up (chipmunk):

Find the wildlife:

It's a deer's butt:

A bug on a leaf:

Find the wildlife:

It's a frog hiding in the grass:

The frog near the brook:


Frog head shot:

A frog that decided the campsite was a good place to jump around:

Rocks and plants on the side of a hiking trail:

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Lovely photos! Especially all the frogs. Thanks for posting. (Of course, I have no dial-up. :) )
Hooray for photo tours! (Or photo Where's-Waldos)
These are great.
elf's mom
Can you post pictures of your tent. Surely it must be more interesting than the outhouses.
Now that I know who you are, anonymous, you should know that I put the outhouse pictures up just for you.
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