Monday, March 26, 2007

From a University Police Log...

I just noticed this in a University police log:


Officers dispatched to a report of suspicious individuals walking around the area. Officers arrived and report there is a party going on at [the building] and all is in order.

And 3/4/2007 was...

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A simple google search revealed the name of said University, but I suppose it's the thought (of trying to maintain anonymity) that counts . . . ;-P
Doesn't worry me much. The right side of my blog has said that I'm "a Jewish grad student in a large Boston-area university" for a long time, the Studentville posts narrowed it down to 2 possibilities, if you understood them. And, even if this one narrows it down to the fact that I either know people who forward emails from or attend one of them, there are still a good thousand or so possibilities for who I am (if you don't already know).

I write under a pseudonym for the purposes of preventing *my name* from showing up an Internet search associated with this blog.

If you can do that, then, tell me (by private email, please!)
I know who you are Mr. elfs dh
You're special.

The real kicker is that I know who you are too. :-)
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