Sunday, July 24, 2005


Press the “next blog” button on the navigator on top of the page (and be sure to come back here after you're done.) Eventually, you'll run into something like this. Blog-spam. Yet another form of the computer generated crap that does nothing more than waste precious disk space, bandwidth, and time. To see just how prevalent it is, check out, the resource that contains entries for recent blog posts and is made nearly useless by spam. Sometimes, the computers get it right. The quote is from this evil spammer:

Spent time looking on the Internet for ssl accelerator? Seen those sites that use hype to sell their products? You can't miss hype, with its exclamation points, bold and capital letter, with the enthusiasm through the roof. But is all the hype really appropriate and will it really help you with your search for ssl accelerator ?

If you visit a lot of sites on the net regarding ssl accelerator, you'll begin to notice that the majority of them are exactly the same. Yes, they are selling different brands of ssl accelerator, but on top they are about as different as margarine and butter.

It was obviously intended to spam Google searches (and, maybe to comment-spam blogs). But, the quoted meta-spam was particularly entertaining.

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