Friday, July 29, 2005


Scan of inscription

This came from the previous tenants in our apartment, who used the room we now use as a walk-in-closet as a shrine to (what we think is) Budda. When they left the apartment (two years ago), they left this hanging on top of the doorway on the inside of the closet. We have no idea what it says or means. For that matter, we don't even know what language it's in. Do you?

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It's clearly a Thai translation of Mein Kampf.
Replace that thing with DW's idols and use it as your own shrine.
Can't do, we need the closet space.
The idols don't take up that much space. Hang them from rge ceiling.
They may not like being hung. You know how finicky idols can be about things like that. It's always best to stay on thei good side.
Sanskrit, maybe?

I should take a photo of the hanging in the (I kid you not) sauna in our new apartment - it also has something random in some unidentifiable (by me) script, and I'm dying to know what it says before I go in for a schvitz.
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