Thursday, August 18, 2005

License change

I've decided to change the license of my original blog text and comments to Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. The major difference is that under the old license, someone could take my whole blog, change the text, and republish as long as it was released under the same license (a concept otherwise known as copyleft).

The main reason is that if I'm quoted and attributed somewhere else in any amount larger than would normally be considered “fair use”, I would rather it be something I actually wrote, rather than a derivative of it. I may not automatically want to be associated with some derivative works of what I write. Of course, if anyone would like to create a derivative work of my blog, you can always ask my permission, and I will likely give it.

This change has no effect on comments posted by anyone other than myself. The copyrights to those are still retained by their authors. It also does not change the rights associated with posts that were already used under the previous, more liberal license.

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