Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NCSY Alumni Family Retreat

A spammer1 has asked me2 to inform former members of the brainwashing organization for Orthodox youth (NCSY) that they will be having a retreat soon. So, if you've been thinking lately, and wanted to stop, or, you thought it would be a good time to start your kids on the path to becoming too frum to look in your direction (child care and/or paternity testing will be provided!), you might want to go to the NCSY Alumni Family Retreat. It's taking place in a chat room with live animals communicating in sign language.

So, remember to KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE, because it's getting a lot colder in Hell.

To the spammer3: I'm glad I could help spread the word. You're welcome.

1 "Dear blogger" is a good indication that you're getting mass mail.
2 The one problem with spamming for blog space is you never know what kind of advertising you're going to get.
3 Your name and email address could have been posted here too.

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too frum?

don't you know that ncsy stands for "negiah can save yiddishkeit!"
Wow, I feel the love...
LOL. In some ways, you're actually too kind. In fairness though, they do *some* good things.

Hey, I'm a former member of NCSY! My parents would never let me go to any of their events, though, after someone told my mother that double-belting wasn't a safety issue as long as the driver was frum.
I got the same NCSY-retreat spam. There's a reason that I rarely read any mail to my blog email address unless it has one of the subject lines that I planted...
What bothers me is that I'll bet the spammer never even bothered reading the results. I'm thinking of sending her (it looked like a woman's name on the email address) a link :-)
Hi. I am the spammer. Sorry it came off as spam. I tried to tell my bosses that I was concerned that it would come off that way.

I was hoping the fact that it is a good cause would convince some of the bloggers to give it a little pr.

Thanks for not posting my name (even though it did go out some places).

But I'm just a normal frum girl. I never even went to NCSY(except for one shabbaton in 5th grade which I didn't enjoy because I felt too frum for it). Anyway I think it sounds like a wonderful shabbaton for those who did NCSY (even if NCSY often pushes people too much to the right).
Maybe I'll put up a full post on email etiquette.
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Maybe I'll put up a full post on email etiquette.

Didn't Shifra* do a post on something like this?

*Yes, if I were being fully consistent with my Ashkenazzic system of transliteration, I would write "Shifro", or perhaps even "Schifro". However, I am deferring to the spelling that Schifro herself uses on her blog.
If you're referring to this post, it's a similar topic and certainly deserves a link. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Of note, the comments on this post contain some NCSY alumni event spam.
I hadn't noticed the NCSY spam on Schifro's "Personal and Universal" post, but that's probably because my eyes tend to glaze over spam, such that I notice that it's there, but don't read it.

BTW, on the topic of AskShifra, have you seen my "Shiffy-phone" joke?
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