Sunday, April 08, 2007

Festival of Free Software?

Debian has (finally) released Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, codename "etch," the next stable version of the popular community-run Linux distribution.

Here's what Slashdot user plasmacutter had to say (copy-pasted, so, spelling/capitalization errors are original):

western nations base their entire diet around bread, so passover takes a huge chunk out of nerd diets (i know first hand), so to compensate for the scarcity of kosher food, they must have guzzled more caffeinated beverages.. thus resulting in the warp speed rush to 4.0 ..

As for me, one old webserver (an old Dell laptop named "craptop") that was running "etch" while it was still the "testing" distribution is now running "etch" stable.

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