Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lawyers think of everything

Check out this disclaimer in the EULA for the SBL Hebrew font:
8. Neither Tiro Typeworks nor the Society of Biblical Literature accept any liability for injury, death, financial loss or damage to person or property (including computer hardware, software or data) resulting from the use of this font software.

(It's in Appendix A of the manual PDF, but it's helpfully reproduced here in web-friendly HTML)

They planned for the contingency that someone will die because of the use of their font.

(Incidentally, while this EULA is clearly non-free, there is a free software Unicode 5 Biblical Hebrew font, Ezra SIL, which is released under the Open Font License. Sadly, the OFL contains a more standard software disclaimer and does not anticipate death as a result of the use of the software.)

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Well, come on, it is a *Hebrew* font. Consider the kabbalistic uses to which it might be put!
On second thought, it's an SBL Hebrew font. Consider the apikorsus uses to which it might be put.
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