Thursday, August 30, 2007

And soon there will be another?

Will there be a fifteenth* minyan in Studentville? Not immediately, but the seeds have been planted. We'll see what happens.

* OPEM II turned out to be a one-time thing after all, but I didn't count Hillel II Reform in the original count, so I still stand by the original count of 14.

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This isn't what you're thinking of, perhaps, but as of next month there is another Studentville minyan: "Shul Nobody Goes To" II (Shabbat morning, in addition to existing Friday night). Here's their calendar entry for it.
In my numerical reckoning, that would just be "shul nobody goes to" meeting more often.

I was thinking of Big Orthodox Outreach Organization II. They haven't announced a minyan yet, but, I'd give it a year or two.
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