Saturday, February 16, 2008


A few housekeeping items: You may notice that I've switched my online aggregator from Kinja to BlogLines. Recently, I'd found that Kinja was both missing posts from blogs I want to read and occasionally just dropped a blog from aggregation for no good reason. Overall, Kinja is badly broken and has been for some time. As a side benefit, BlogLines provides both an aggregator and a blogroll, so they don't have to be maintained separately. If you think I should be reading your blog, but I'm not (as you can see from the aggregation list), drop me a comment here. It doesn't guarantee that I'll link to you, but, here's your chance for some free publicity from a blog with a readership of about 2. I also might be pruning out dead blogs from the list soon.

How about adding Eclectic Jewish Thoughts??
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