Friday, November 10, 2006

The really important things...

Now that the House and Senate are both going to be controlled by Democrats, and Rummy is out, we can discuss the important issues to face our world: whether a burrito is considered a sandwich. The answer is no, according to a Massachusetts court, and the USDA.

One thing I found interesting is the definition of the sandwich given in the affidavit of Judith A. Quick, former deputy director of the Standards and Labeling Division of the USDA to the court (as quoted in the print edition of the Nov. 10 Globe, but not the online edition):

According to the USDA definition, an ordinary closed sandwich consists of two distinct pieces of bread (or the top and bottom sections of a sliced roll or bun) with some kind of filling that contains meat or poultry. (emph. added)

In that case, what do you call peanut butter and jam? or a Fluffernutter? The USDA labeling policy book is online. It's primarily concerned with which types of meat and poultry are subject to which inspection regulations, so, perhaps the USDA is not the best source of an all-encompassing definition of a "sandwich."

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