Monday, November 13, 2006

Geek out! Java GPL'd!

Sun GPL'd Java! The second-to-last major hurdle to a completely free and functional Linux desktop was passed today, when Sun donated their code to the community under the most popular copyleft free software license around.

This announcement will have a few consequences for the free software desktop:

Note: Immediately, only the compiler, virtual machine, and the cross-platform help system are available. Most of the class library will not be released until March. 2007. According to the new OpenJDK front page:

The remainder of the open-source JDK will be available in the first half of 2007. At that time this project will host the source code for the complete JDK except for a few components that Sun does not have the right to publish in source form under the GPL; pre-built binaries will be provided for those components.

Of course, we must hope that the system will compile and run without those “few” components. Whatever they are, they might be targets for GNU Classpath to replace.

Now, if only Adobe would follow their lead and release an open-source Flash... (yes, I know about GNash. It's a promising project, but, it doesn't work with most of the Flash that's on the web today.)

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