Friday, August 29, 2008

Candidates eat babies!

And now for something completely different...

Now that we know who will be the running mates on both the Obama and McCain tickets, here's an unscientific and unrepresentative way of figuring out how they're doing (at least in notoriety) via Google search:
McCain-eats-babies: 472 results.
Obama-eats-babies: 791 results.

and for VP:
Palin-eats-babies: 2 results.
Biden-eats-babies: 4 results.

Note that, when the announcement was first made, "Palin-eats-babies" had 0 results. (Update: For an explanation of why you need the dashes, see the third comment).

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You win the internets for this post!

And it reminds me of this xkcd comic:

And this one, too:
Actually, on Google Battle you get very different results from the ones you posted:!
You're doing the search wrong (and I forgot to specify how I was doing it, although the link was correct).

Your search 'mccain eats babies' will find all pages including the words 'mccain', 'eats' and 'babies' anywhere on the page. So, "John McCain eats in a diner while kissing babies" will be a result. Mine, which is 'mccain-eats-babies' will only include the words exactly as specified.

Now corrected in the post.
Elfs-dh-eats-babies, but then we already knew that.
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Do the hyphens work the same way quotation marks would?
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