Saturday, November 08, 2008

Post-election baby-eating roundup

An earlier post tracked the election by how many times "[candidate name] eats babies" appeared on the Intertubes (via Google). It was posted shortly after Palin was selected as McCain's VP nominee, and so, she had very few hits. How things have changed:

McCain-eats-babies: 2340 (up x4.95)
Obama-eats-babies: 85000 (up x107)

Palin-eats-babies: 1910 (up x955)
Biden-eats-babies: 22 (up x5.5)

Well, except for Biden. He made so little of an impression that he didn't even eat triple-digits worth of babies.

Obama and McCain had head starts over their running mates, but boy did Obama chow down in the three months since we last visited this topic. The largest increase factor, though, was Palin's, at almost 1000x higher than her August numbers.

What does it mean? I'd go out on a limb and guess: very little.

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When I clicked the Obama link, it gave me 31,700. Where did 85,000 come from?
That's what it said when I first tried. Now, it's giving me 32000. Weird.
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