Sunday, December 10, 2006

Brief interlude: Another paper released

Gordon Tucker's essay/teshuva is now on his shul's website.* This paper got 7 votes in the CJLS. Had it been an ordinary teshuva it would have been declared a legitimate followable opinion in the Conservative movement. Because it called for very sweeping changes, it was declared a takkanah (decree). I've seen and heard a number of different numbers thrown around for how many votes it would have required to pass, ranging from a true majority to unanimity. Either way, it did not pass.

*It still has the "DRAFT -- NOT FOR CIRCULATION OR DISTIBUTION" warning in big letters on the top, but, he seems to have put it up himself and it's being circulated through a number of email lists. If I find that it was not really intended to be released, I'll remove the link.

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