Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Final CJLS teshuva released [updated]

The last of the approved CJLS homosexuality teshuvot has been released. It is available (once again, in MS Word format :-( ) at this link. All the teshuvot (approved and not) are available from one place at the Rabbinical Assembly website.

This final release will give us all the ability to determine for ourselves whether the (approved) Levy teshuva is totally off the wall.

[UPDATE: All the teshuvot are now in PDF format:

This should correct the strange interpretation of right-to-left letter ordering that showed up in some versions of MS Word in the previous copies of the documents.]

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I was surprised at how much I respected the Levy opinion -- of course, I disagree with it, but I respected his findings -- until I got to appendices 1 and 2, at which point I started cringing.
I'm amazed that you were able to read such a long teshuva within a day of its being posted -- especially with a paper to write ;-)

Anyway, I actually thought that appendix 1 was pretty interesting. Do you not buy it?
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