Monday, December 11, 2006

More papers released

And they are...

Joel Roth's "Homosexuality Revisited". Passed.
Myron Geller, Robert Fine and David Fine's "The Halakhah of Same-Sex Relations in a New Context" (labeled as a "dissent," presumably, to Roth or Levy). Declared a takkanah because it called for sweeping changes. Failed at a vote. As a dissenting opinion, it is not considered an official paper of the CJLS.
Loel Weiss's "A Concurring Opinion to Levy". Apparently, not voted on. As a concurring opinion, it is not an official opinion of the CJLS.
From Weiss's paper, we now know the title of Levy's teshuva: "Same-Sex Attraction and Halakhah." It is the last remaining official position that is not available to the public, and the one that has caused the most confusion as to its content.

(via Canonist)

Regrettably, they're all in (non-free) MS Word format. They open up correctly in

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